Water-Cooled LEDs

(Product ID: LM2XX-DM-400, LM2XX-DMHP-460, LM2XX-DMHP-400, LM2XX-DMHP-460)


LM2XX front  LM2XX rear












LM2XX-DM LED Datasheet.pdf

LM2XX-DMHP LED Datasheet.pdf

Operating Instructions: PDF

The LM2XX is a 2-inch water-cooled LED based light source.  The LM2XX provides stable and uniform illumination for pressure and temperature sensitive paint measurments and can operated either in radiometric or lifetime based systems. The LM2XX-DM has been designed for radiometric PSP and TSP systems. The LM2XX-DM can operate continuously or in a long pulsed mode, the operation mode is set using an external toggle switch. Pulsed mode operation is controled by applying a TTL voltage to the external BNC on the DM module. In this mode the rise time is less than 1-ms and the fall time is less than 1-ms and the duty cycle may be set to from 0% to 100%. The light distribution from the unit is approximatly Gaussian for distance greater than 18-inches from the source. The units are available in 400-nm and 460-nm packages, however, other wavelenths are available upon request. This unit superpass the performance of an LM2X system as they offer a significant increase in power (3-4 times that of an LM2X).

LM2XX Schematic

An external water source needs to be supplied to the control box.  This can be tap water, so long as it is filtered and clean.  A refrigerated chiller can also be used.  Chillers with positivie displacement pumps should be used.  Chillers with centrifugal pumps do not have the required pressure for use with the water-cooled LEDs.  In refrigerated chillers, only distilled water should be used.



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