Air-Cooled LED Lamps

LM2X 2-inch Air-Cooled LED Lamp

(Product ID: LM2X-DM-400, LM2X-DM-460, LM2X-DMHP-400, LM2X-DMHP-460)




LM2X-DM LED Datasheet.pdf

LM2X-DMHP LED Datasheet.pdf

Operating Instructions: PDF

      The LM2X is a 2-inch air-cooeld LED based light source that provides uniform, stable illumination, for Pressure and Temperature Sensitive Paint measurements.  The unit may be operated for radiometric or lifetime based systems by connecting to one of the two interchangeable driver modules (DM module for radiometric, DMHP module for lifetime).  The LM2X-DM has been designed for radiometric PSP and TSP systems. The LM2X-DM can operate continuously or in a long pulsed mode.  The operation mode is set using an external toggle switch. Pulsed mode operation is controlled by applying a TTL voltage to the external BNC on the DM module.  In this mode the rise time is less than 5-μs and the fall time is less than 250-μs and the duty cycle may be set to from 0% to 100%.  The light distribution from the unit is approximately Gaussian for distances greater than 18-inches from the source.  The units are available in 400-nm and 460-nm packages, however, other wavelengths are available upon request.

 LM4X 4-inch Air-cooled LEDs

(Product ID: LM4X-DM-400, LM4X-DMHP-400, LM4X-DM-460, LM4X-DMHP-460)






LM4X-DM LED Datasheet.pdf

LM4X-DMHP LED Datasheet.pdf

Where water-cooling is not an option, the choice is 4-inch, air-cooled LEDs.  The LM4X-DM and LM4X-DMHP are 4-inch LED light sources offering uniform, stable illumination with excellent output power. T. The LM4X-DM can operate CW or pulsed, the operation mode is set using an external toggle switch. Pused mode operation is controled by setting the voltage to an external BNC on the lamp housing, the rise and fall time is less than 100-us, and the duty cycle may be set to from 0% to 100%. The LM4X-DMHP has been designed for lifetime based PSP and TSP systems. The LED’s are driven beyond spec to increase the light output, however, the duty cycle is restricted to 5%.  

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