Educational PSP/TSP System

(Product ID: RM-01, RM-02)

An educational version of our Pressure and Temperature Sensitive Paint system is available.  This system provides high spatial resolution, excellent dynamic range, but lower data capture rates than our higher-end systems.  For applications where time in the wind tunnel is not a critical issue, it represents an excellent cost/performance trade-off.  This system provides full capability for undergraduate demonstrations, training, and laboratory exercises.  It will support all but the most demanding graduate and faculty research programs requiring distributed pressure and temperature measurements in wind tunnel environments.  The system employs proven ISSI LED technology for excitation of the luminous probes in the paints.  The camera is based on a color CCD chip, eliminating the need for a filter wheel when using bi-luminophore paints.  The OMS-Lite software package is easy to use and fully supports the educational and research capabilities of the PSP/TSP system.


Standard System Components

Color CCD camera
14-bit, 2 Megapixel color, Gigabit Ethernet interface

Pulse/Delay Generator for instrument control.

LM2X-DM-400 LED Array
400-nm, 3 W, TTL control

Parbolic Reflector and Diffuser
Focuses output of LM2 series LEDs from 120- to 40-degrees giving 2-3 times increased focused ouput

Paint Kit
1 spray can each of UniCoat PSP, Binary UniCoat PSP, and UniTemp TSP, 400-ml of: Binary FIB, UniFIB and FIB Basecoat PSP.  Also includes HVLP spray gun, air brush kit and small air brush compressor.

Optical Kit
C-mount lenses, filter ring adapters and all filters for paints contained in the paint kit.  Also available is our EF lens kit with the LC-2 lens controller.

ProAcquire and OMS-Lite
Data acquisition and data reduction graphical user interfaces

Laptop computer for data acquisition and data processing.  64-bit Windows 7 OS.



delta   NACA Wing
Left: Pressure distribution on delta wing with flow velocity of 32 m/sec and 10 deg angle of attack.

Right: Pressure distribution over a NACA 0012 wing with flow velocity 30 m/s and 10 deg. angle of attack.


Use our PSP/TSP manuals for your undergraduate lab experiments

These lab experiments are specially designed to demonstrate PSP/TSP techniques in undergraduate fluids and aero labs.  Use these instruction manuals to improve your PSP/TSP knowledge and skill, and as templates for laboratory classes.

Lab 1: Introduction to OMS Lite

Lab 2: PSP Data Acquisition and Processing

Lab 3: Low-Speed Delta Wing

Lab 4: Pressure Gradients over a Wing



ISSI Color Camera

(Product ID: PSP-CCD)

The ISSI color camera uses a CCD chip with 2-Mpix resolution.  The camera body is 2.5-inches long by 2-inches tall by 2-inches deep.  The small size will allow the camera to be mounted in the tight spaces close to the tunnel wall, and optimize the view of the model.  The integrated heat sink provides proper cooling without the noise of an internal fan.  

The binary paint formulations have been optimized to perform with the camera.  The camera can function with single luminophore PSPs as well, the only drawback being 1/4 the resolution of the full array.  In this case, the final PSP image is about 480000 pixels.  For users only using single luminophore PSPs, the monochrome version of the camera will provide better spatial resolution since the entire array is utilized.


  • Array size (pixels): 1608 x 1208 ==2 megapixel
  • Frame Rate: 35/44 fps (normal/overclock)
  • Pixel Size: 7.4 x 7.4 µm
  • Gigabit Ethernet Interface
  • Dynamic Range: 14-bit
  • Lens Connection: C-mount 
  • Sensor: 2/3-inch format




Data sheet: PDF

Manual: PDF

User Interface: ProAcquire_2.4.7_GigE_x86.exe


Ordering Information: Color version: PSP-CCD-C, Monochrome version: PSP-CCD-M


Pulse/Delay Generator

(Product ID: PSG-2)

The PSG-3 is a four channel pulse/delay generator used for controlling the timing of experiment parameters and can be used as an experiment master clock or externally triggered (or gated) by an external event. 
Pulse width, delay, repetition rate, and other timing parameters are controlled by a simple user interface (or also by an internet browser interface) and communication is via ethernet connection or USB. 



  • Interface: Ethernet, USB 2.0
  • Counter Timers: 2
  • Pulse width: 20 ns to 10 s
  • Repetition Rate: 0.1 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Output Voltage: 5V TTL
  • External Trigger: 5V TTL
  • Clock Speed: 20-ns, 40-ns, 80-ns, 160-ns
  • Divide-by-N (2-255)
  • Trigger Input Thresholding 0.05-5V






Data sheet: PDF

Manual: PDF

User Interface: PSG-3 User Interface

USB Drivers: PSG-3

Firmware: Latest Firmware


(Product ID: LM2X-DM) 

The LM2X is an LED based light source that provides uniform, stable illumination, for Pressure and
Temperature Sensitive Paint measurements.

The LM2X is an LED based light source that provides uniform, stable illumination, for Pressure andTemperature Sensitive Paint measurements.  The LM2X-DM has been designed for radiometric PSP and TSP systems. The LM2X-DM can operate continuously or in a long pulsed mode.




  • ~3.5 W optical output power
  • 400-nm or 460-nm wavelength
  • TTL Control
  • Continuous or pulsed mode
  • Stability of ~0.1% per hour after warmup
  • Rise Time (10%-90%): < 5 us 
  • Fall Time (90%-10%): ~250µs
  • Operating Temperature: -10˚C - 60˚C




Data sheet: PDF

Operating Instructions: PDF


Parabolic Reflector and Diffuser

(Product ID: LM2X-10R40-D)

     The LED reflector and diffuser is a 10-degree reflector for concentration of output light from an LED.  The intensity output on the illuminated surface is 2-3 times greater when using the reflector.  The diffuser creates a uniform light distribution and reduces the structure pattern of the individual LEDs. 

ref   ref2



Data sheet: PDF

Test Models


Models available upon request:












Package Options

The PSP system package has several options for purchase.  Depending on the size of the facility the system will be used in, some different optical kits may be appropriate.  Addidtional LEDs and cameras can also be added to systems and seamelessly integrated.  Building a system with the appropriate hardware for your facility is paramount to the success of the results. For questions about your application, please contact ISSI for technical assistance.

Optical Kits

Camera lens and filter kits are included for use with the PSP system.  Using the right filter for a particular paint is essential to the test.  Kits include the filters, lenses and adapters.  There are two options for optical kits.  One kit is geared towards small c-mount lenses for close-up applications or where space is limited.  The other kit is for small to large applications and offers remote control of the included lenses.

C-mount Lens Kit

(Product ID: OP-K-C)

The C-mount lens kit contains c-mount lenses, filter adapters and housings and all optical filters used with ISSI PSPs and TSPs.


OP-K-C Components



Filter Ring


Step-Up Ring


8-mm c-mount


16-mm c-mount


25-mm c-mount


Data sheet: PDF

EF Mount Lens Kit
(Product ID: OP-K-EF)

The EF lens kit contains the LC-2 lens controller for Canon EF lenses, two Canon EF lenses, filter adapters and housings and all optical filters used with ISSI PSPs and TSPs.


OP-K-EF Components



Filter Ring


Step-Down Ring


50-mm f/1.4 Lens


28-mm f/1.8 Lens


LC-2 Lens Controller


Data sheet: PDF

To order, please contact Mr. Steve Palluconi at (937) 630-3012 ext. 104 and